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About Computer Use @ the Library

Public Access Computer Sign In


  • User ID: The NUMBER ONLY portion on the front your library card. (Do not include the P). 
  • Password: The LAST NAME on the account. 
  • Daily Guest Passes are available to non-card holding visitors.
  • Computers will not be assigned or computer time extended 15 minutes before posted closing times.
  • The library reserves the right to limit and/or assign workstation usage



To protect our youth and be sensitive and aware of the rights of all of our patrons. the following regulations apply: 

  • Accessing, downloading and printing sites containing pornography or other offensive graphic materials and/or text are not acceptable and is, therefore expressly prohibited. 
  • Any attempts to bypass the library filter, alter hardware, software, desk top or web browser setting on the computers are expressly prohibited. 
  • Patrons who violate the computer use policy will be asked to exit the website immediately and in the case of repeated abuse, may be asked to leave the library. Patrons who continue to violate this policy will lose their library and/or library computer use privileges.

Filtering and Use


  • The Library receives Federal eRate Funding for Internet Services and is required to be CIPA compliant.
  • Parents are responsible for overseeing their children’s use of the library public access computers. 
  • All of the library’s computers are filtered; however, such internet filters are not a perfect safeguard against objectionable materials. 
  • The staff is not responsible and does not monitor the content of Internet sites visited by any patron, whether minors or adults. 
  • The filtering is offsite so staff cannot unblock the filter.

Who May Use a Computer


All computer users are required to have a Friench Simpson Memorial Library card or a guest pass obtained at the circulation desk. 

A user must be in good standing with the library (i.e. no fines over posted limits or lost items) to be eligible to use the computers.



The library’s public access computers are available on a first come first serve basis with reservations available. 

The library uses an automated reservation system and all users must sign in at the circulation desk.

Computer Time Limit


Users sign up for 60 minute blocks of computer time. A patron may request and be granted additional time on the computer if no reservations are pending.